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Galapagos, Ecuador Proposal
2023 Competition Awarded & partnered with NovaSpazio | Proposal for Galapagos, Ecuador.
a sustainable and convenient housing with sufficient space to be comfortable and have a warm ambience in the island of Galapagos, Ecuador. of everyday Ecuadorian living. By addressing the specific challenges and opportunities presented by the Galapagos landscape, the project aims to provide not just shelter but a thoughtful integration of living spaces that resonate with the cultural and environmental context of the region.

Islands of Galapagos Housing Community:

Santa Cruz, Galapagos, Ecaudor Hospital Prposal:

hospital renders4.jpg
hospital renders2 .jpg
hospiralrenderinterior_13 - Photo.jpg
hospiralrenderinterior_3 - Photo.jpg
hospiralrenderinterior_10 - Photo.jpg
hospiralrenderinterior_12 - Photo.jpg
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