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Hello, I'm Amy Velez

Born in Miami, Florida, my heart now beats to the rhythm of San Francisco.

Wandering through the city, I find joy in exploring its unique spaces, like the inviting walkway on Sansome St & Commercial St that seamlessly connects to the Embarcadero Center – a spot that never fails to captivate me. I really enjoy taking photos downtown in San Francisco, experimenting with angles to reveal the city's diverse charm. With music as my constant companion, I embark on these urban journeys, immersing myself in the surroundings. While Miami holds a special place in my heart, San Francisco calls out as an unparalleled city, unlike any other.. My aspiration is to cultivate a lifestyle here, growing both personally and professionally. Engaging with new faces in my workplace is not just a career pursuit but a personal endeavor, shaping me into a more skilled and knowledgeable individual. The future, whether in technology, software, or new work skills, is an exciting canvas for me to paint my journey of growth and exploration.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

954 . 540 . 8780

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